Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes - 2000-07-01 - Bonner Springs, KS


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Dr. Forrester said...


Masterworks Tour 200
July 01, 2000
Bonner Springs, Kansas, United States Of America
Sandstone Amphitheatre

Audience recording

Trade CD>EAC>WAV>Analfreq>Flac 8

Disc One:
Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
Close To The Edge
Starship Trooper
Gates Of Delirium
Leaves Of Green (cut at 2.03)

Disc Two:
Heart Of The Sunrise
I've Seen All Good People

Line up:

Jon Anderson - Vocals/Percussion
Chris Squire - Bass
Steve Howe - Guitars
Alan White: Drums & Percussion
Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards