Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yes - 1994-06-29 - Maryland Heights, Missouri


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Dr. Forrester said...

YES - Darker Than Ebony - Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA, June 29, 1994 (SBD? or FM?) (2cd) DIME

Concertsonics Recording (at least, that is what is told on FY, if not it`s at least SBD or FM), you will not be dissapointed!.
If anyone knows the exact story, if it is not Concertsonics, then please tell all in the comments section.

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 1994
City: Maryland Heights, Missouri, United States Of America
Venue: Riverport Amphitheater
Capacity: 20,000

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Tony Kaye (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Billy Sherwood (Guitars)


Disc One-
01. Intro
02. Perpetual Change
03. The Calling
04. I Am Waiting
05. Rhythm Of Love
06. Hearts
07. Real Love
08. Changes
09. Heart Of The Sunrise
10. Cinema
11. City Of Love

Disc Two-
01. Interlude
02. Make It Easy / Owner Of A Lonely Heart
03. Trevor Rabin Piano Solo / And You And I
04. Where Will You Be?
05. I've Seen All Good People
06. Walls
07. Endless Dream
08. Hold On
09. Roundabout

On FY the only recording from this show are 2 tracks on the "Endless Road" 3CD set (HL488/489/490)
They are: Cinema & City Of Love.
This show is complete and, in my opinion, rather spectacular!

The Rabin era may not be to everyones liking (i, personally, do like every incarnation of Yes,
and tend not to compare), so give it a chance, it is really good.

I got this recording from fellow Yes fanatic Albert H (you know who you are), thanks you again for it.
I did make some new cover art for it (the one included was 95% black), and it is a bit "in your face!",
(but so was this album) using scanned parts from the TALK cover and images taken from FY.

I have not info whatsoever on the taper or equipment used, but it could just be that he/she is among us.

eac logs, ffp, md5, md5wave included.
New Gromek cover included (with info text taken from FY).
Screen Capture (also posted in the comments section, below the Mp3 sample)
of EAC wav process also included in the torrent.