Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yes - 1991-06-21 - London, UK


**Amazing quality!

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Dr. Forrester said...

Yes - 1991-06-21 Wembley Arena (Superstar Concert Series 92-05) PreFM Vinyl Edited

Here is a pre-FM vinyl radio show of Yes from the "Superstar Concert Series" supporting the album "Union." (WestWood One: Broadcast Date 2-1-92)

Recorded at Wembley Arena in London.

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass
Steve Howe - Guitar
Trevor Rabin - Guitar, Vocals
Alan White - Percussion
Bill Bruford - Electric Drums
Tony Kaye - Keyboards
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards


01. Rhythm of Love
02. Shock to the System
03. Owner of a Lonely Heart
04. And You and I
05. Heart of the Sunrise
06. Lift Me Up
07. Changes
08. I've Seen All Good People
09. Roundabout

Sound quality is a firm A. The tracklisting follows the broadcast arrangement, not the performance (sorry).


Local record shop> Technics Turntable> Philips Audio CD-R deck> WAV decoding with Adaptec Easy CD Creator> Pure Pentium II processing power using Cool Edit 96> Ads/Announcers edited out> normalize, mark tracks, and manually remove each and every click and pop (no other audio processing employed, but it's been a while)> Gold CD-R for storage> (10 years later) EAC> FLAC 8> you> Enjoy!

No artwork for CD, but scans of LP covers and info sheet included.