Monday, November 14, 2011

Remix - UMMA



Dr. Forrester said...

PART I: Introduction
Sysyphus is sly and evil. He way-lays travelers and murders them. Once, by means of slyness, he discovers the secrets of the gods and betrays them. The vindictive god of Death, Thanatos, comes on earth to take him away to the kingdom of Hades, i.e. hell.

PART II: The Violent Sequence
Sysyphus knew Thanatos was coming and thus imagined a plan to escape from death. Thanatos is captured and chained, so the deceased can't reach the underworld and lose their way, haunting the world of the mortals.

PART III: Walking Backwards Down To The Underworld
Hades, the King of the Underworld himself, intervens and Thanatos is freed. Sisyphus must walk backwards the path down to the realm oF Death. On his way, he encounters several species of small furry animals; amongst which Cerberus, the terrible dog guardian of the gates of the realm of shades.

Part IV: Audition In The Court of Hades
Once he arrived before the court of Hades, Sysyphus advocates his cause to the jury of the gods of the Underworld. However energic, his speech is rather unclear and fails to convince the king of the Underworld. "Thank you," says Hades, and the jury retires.

PART V: The Sentence
Soon the jury is back, and Sysyphus is sentenced to roll a block of stone against a steep hill, which tumbles back down when he reaches the top. Then the whole process starts again, lasting all eternity.

Dr. Forrester said...

Oenone was a Phrygian nymph who lived on Mount Ida. She was abducted by Paris and she became his first wife. But one day Paris went to Athenes. There, he fell in love with princess Helen and abducted her, abandoning his wife Oenone. This was the cause of the Troyan War. Oenone prophesied the disastrous consequence of Paris' voyage to Greece.
Paris summoned her when he was mortally wounded, since she possessed healing skills. Because of his infidelity, she refused to heal him, but when he died, she threw herself on his funeral pyre and was burned with him.

Selene (the moon) is a young woman with an extremely white face who travels on a silver chariot drawn by two horses. After her brother Helios (the sun) completes his journey across the sky, she begins hers. Before Selene's journey across the night sky she bathes in the sea. She is known for her countless love affairs, with godnesses as well as with humans.
She only met once true love, and here is that sad story. She fell in love with a shepard, Endymion, and seduced him while he lied sleeping in a cave. Since Selene was so deeply in love with Endymion she asked Zeus to allow him to decide his own fate. Zeus granted Selene's request, and Endymion chose never to grow old, so he could kiss Selene every night and forever. Zeus bestowed on him the gift of perpetual youth united with perpetual sleep. Since then, Selene visits Endymion every night and kisses him with her rays of light. It is said that Selene's moon rays fall upon sleeping mortals, and her kisses fall upon her eternal love, Endymion.

A dithyramb is a solemn ode or hymn sung to Dionysus at his festivals. Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, agriculture, fertility of nature, and most commonly of all earthly pleasures. He is also the patron god of the Greek stage.
This dithyramb was composed by Orpheus, thankful to Dionysus to allow him to spend his time laying in the meadows and enjoying life with his lover, the beautiful Eurydice.

It is written that Uranus (the Sky) hid his children away in the bowels of the earth, a place called the Tartarus, as he was fearful of their great strength and power. His wife Gaia (Mother Earth) found her offspring uncomfortable and also painful and when she found the discomfort too much to bear she hatched a plan, which was to end the passions of Uranus, so no more offspring could be produced and that would be the ending of her hurt. To achieve this she required the help from her youngest son, the Titan Cronus. To help Cronus accomplish his task Gaia gave him a adamantine sickle to serve as his weapon.
Cronus laid in wait hidden from view, and when Uranus came to lay with Gaia Cronus struck. With one mighty blow from the sickle Cronus severed the genitals from Uranus' body and threw them into the sea; and from the drops of the flowing blood were born the Erinyes (Furies), to wit, Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera, and also the Giants and the Meliae (Nymphs). Aphrodite was born from seafoam created from those genitals.