Monday, November 21, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1972-04-16 - Columbia, SC


Dr. Forrester said...

Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: 16th April 1972
Venue: Township Auditorium, Columbia, South Carolina
Source: 3rd generation audience tape
Lineage: tape > WAV > speed correction > FLAC

1. Breathe in the Air (2.50)
2. The Travel Section (5.16)
3. Time (6.25)
4. Breathe Reprise (1.04)
5. The Mortality Sequence (4.10)
6. Money (6.56)
7. Us and Them (7.35)
8. Any Colour You Like (5.06)
9. Brain Damage (cut) (2.39)
10. One of These Days (8.52)
11. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (11.31)
12. Atom Heart Mother (16.08)

Notes: A pretty good-sounding audience show featuring a nice, early "Eclipse"/"Dark Side of the Moon". The intro to "Time" goes on forever! Again, I think I got this from Yeeshkul!, so thank you to the original seeder.

mahavishnu floyd said...

Apparently, this is not Wojtek's 2nd gen with "Echoes." The artwork that downloads are from Wojtek, but the text file and music files are from a 3rd gen version; Echoes is missing.

QualityBootz posted the same mistaken version in 2008 and Cones posted this back in 2009. The Wojtek version is said to have better sound as well as more complete. There may be a Reeling version that is better than this 3rd gen.

Sorry to report this. Thanks again for posting. Happy Thanksgiving to Dr Forrester and peace on earth for everyone.