Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kate Bush - 1979-04-09 - Bristol


*** This is another case of confusion in the information file. The cover art lists the date as the 9th of April. The text file lists the date as the 4th of September. I've just done the research & it turns out that I guessed incorrectly when I set up this post. The correct date is the 9th of April. PLEASE adjust your folders after you've unpacked them. Thanks.

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Dr. Forrester said...

Hipodrome, Bristol, England
September 4, 1979

CD 1:
1. Moving
2. The Saxaphone Song
3. Room For The Life
4. Them Heavy People
5. The Man With The Child In His Eyes
6. Egypt
7. L'Amour Looks Something Like You
8. Violin
9. The Kick Inside
10. In The Warm Room
11. Fullhouse

CD 2:
1. Strange Phenomena
2. Hammer Horror
3. Kashka From Baghdad
4. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
5. Wow
6. Coffee Homeground
7. In Search Of Peter Pan
8. Symphony In Blue
9. Feel It
10. Kite
11. James & The Cold Gun
12. Oh England, My Lionheart
13. Wuthering Heights

Kate Bush - vocals, piano;
Ben Barson - synthesizer, acoustic guitar; Alan Murphy - electric guitar, whistle;
Brian Bath - electric guitar, mandolin, vocal harmonies;
Paddy Bush - mandolin, vocal harmonies, additional instrumentation;
Kevin McAlea - piano, keyboards, saxophone, 12 string guitar;
Preston Heyman - drums, percussion; Del Palmer - bass;
Liz Pearson - backing vocals; Glenys Groves - backing vocals