Monday, November 14, 2011


That about wraps things up for Free Range Pigs and Harvested. There is one last thing that I discovered in the archives. I know that "HRV CDR 007 BBC Archives 1970-1971" contains 2 concerts. The 1971 concert was given a Rev A on 26Dec07. The 1970 concert apparently has not been given a Rev A. The official Harvested web site gives the .md5 for the original version of the 1970 concert. However, there is no .md5 for the 1971 concert. To be conservative, the version of HRV CDR 007 that I shared below (scroll down) was the original version from 2001. If you feel like living on the edge, I have gone ahead & uploaded the Rev A of the 1971 concert here.

As always, if anyone has any further releases or updates that I have not shared below, please feel free to leave a comment. These releases have set the standard. They are the foundation for any serious Pink Floyd collection. It is important that they should be shared.


Dr. Forrester said...

Here is the list of HRV releases provided to me by a HRV staffer -

HRV CDR 001 Meddled: Rev.A (= mono master) released 03Feb03 (SHN)
HRV CDR 002 Colmar: released 01Sep99 (audio), Rev.A released 25Oct02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 003 Amsterdam 1969: released 17Sep01 (SHN) for the 32th anniversary of the concert
HRV CDR 004 Eclipse: A Piece For Assorted Lunatics: Rev.A released 09Aug01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 005 Mooed Music: Rev.A (= mono master) released 03Feb03 (SHN)
HRV CDR 006 Of Promises Broken: Rev.A released 29May03 (SHN)
HRV CDR 007 BBC Archives 1970-1971: released 27Apr01 (SHN), Rev.A for 1971 concert released 26Dec07 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 008 BBC Archives 1967-1969: released 19Oct01 (SHN), Rev.A released 30Jun03 (SHN), Rev.B released 24Dec09 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 010 Pompeii: Rev.A released 28Jan02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 011 Supine In The Sunshine: released 30Jan01 (audio), Rev.A released Nov05 (SHN)
HRV CDR 012 Bowl De Luna: released 01Dec99 (audio), Rev.A released 21Jun01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 013 Steel Breeze: Rev.A released 26Mar02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 014 Animal Instincts: released 01Oct99 (audio), Rev.A released 03Dec01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 015 KAOS On The Road: Rev.A released 16Oct03 (SHN)
HRV CDR 016 Interstellar Fillmore: released 17Aug02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 018 Dawn Of The Piper: Rev.A released 04Sep05 (SHN)
HRV CDR 021 Electric Factory: Rev.A released 03Apr03 (SHN)
HRV CDR 022 Black Holes In The Sky: released Dec00 (audio), Rev.A released 01Feb01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 023 Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan: released 29Mar01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 024 Project Birmingham: released 18Dec01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 025 Kabuki Fever: released 16Nov01 (SHN)
HRV CDR 026 Cruel But Fair: released 13May02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 027 KAOS Creek: released 22Feb02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 028 Swedish Neurotica: released 15Aug02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 029 Vierundzwanzig Teile Von Nichts: released 10Dec02 (SHN)
HRV CDR 030 Six Of One: released 20Dec02 (SHN), Rev.A released 06Jul08 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 031 Interstellar Zappadrive: released 06Mar06 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 032 What Syd Wants: released 26Jan07 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 033 BBC Archives 1974: released 19Jul07 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 034 KQED: released 14Oct08 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 035 Rise & Shine: released 11Feb09 (FLAC)
HRV CDR 036 Too Late For Mind Expanding: released 21Nov10

Please note that this list is a little dated now... It lacks, for example, the Rev B releases of Animal Instincts and Pompeii.

kike said...

Dear Dr. F, a big thank you for all you share with us. You're the rock guru! :)
Best, K.

christian said...

Hey, Dr. F

I can't thank you enough for posting the Floyd stuff... at last, I am able to complete my collection of Harvested boots.

By the way, if, at some point, you feel motivated to post the Harvested DVDs as well, I don't think anyone would object!


Anonymous said...

I don't see a post for Free Range Pigs 003, 004, 019, 020. Did I miss them somewhere? Also, is there a similar site like the link you have to the Harvested page?
I really like how you have these grouped together. A great way to organize them.
Thank You.

PS. Am I the only one who finds the new layout of the pf-db hard to use? I found looking up a Floyd date so easy with the "find alphabetically" option. This is gone now. I tried to look up Roger Waters The London Rehearsals, and just gave up. No idea how to find it now.

Dr. Forrester said...

Very unfortunately, not all Free Range Pigs releases were made available to the general public. So, a few are extremely rare. I have shared all of those that I own. If you have others... I'd love to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Others, not found here? Is that really possible? no...before this internet thingy happened I had but one Floyd boot, Ivor Wynne. And that was a dubbed copy of a friends tape. I will post a comment if I ever come across these.
Is there a list of FRP releases? Is 033 the last one? I cant make sense of the different FRP/FRP-SCS/FRP-SP groupings. Any explanation would be helpful.
Thanks Again.

Dr. Forrester said...

The Free Range Pigs' web site is no longer available in the normal fashion. However, some old captures can still be viewed here -

This site contains a listing of the entire FRP catalog. If you compare the releases that I have shared here to those listed, you'll find that they don't match up very well. There are a few on the list that I do not have. There are a few that I have that are not on the list.

About the strange groupings - FRP/FRP-SCS and so forth - I can tell you honestly that I have no idea whatsoever. They may represent the initials of contributors. That's just a guess.

Patrick said...

FYI, Dr. Forrester (and everyone else who might be interested), I've assembled a fairly complete spreadsheet of HRV releases, dates and features here.