Sunday, November 13, 2011

FRP-SP 06 - Before There Was A Dark Side

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Dr. Forrester said...

Before There Was A Dark Side...(Free Range Pigs FRP-SP-06)
1) Cirrus Minor - Steve Czapla
2) Lucifer Sam - Rover to Mars
3) Crying Song / More Blues - Swedish Whistler
4) If - Mark Zampino and Friends
5) The Embryo - Phosphene
6) See Emily Play - Swedish Whistler
7) Alan's Psychedelic Nile Song - Tony Favazza
8) Ibizar Bar - Tony Fitzgerald
9) Fearless - (alap-raw-gat) Pitt Reeves
10) Scream Thy Last Scream - Velvet Spasm
11) Dramatic Theme - John McKeag

Rating: Very Nice Indeed

Z's Notes: This is a tribute to the music of Pink Floyd…before there was a Dark Side. I'll try to be brief...

Welcome back to the worldwide friends who participated in the Syd Barrett tribute “Let’s Try It Another Way” under the auspices of The Laughing Madcaps; equal greetings to our newbies on this disc.

It’s no secret to my Floydian friends that “More” is my desert isle PF disc, so I thought it obvious to begin and end this tribute with the bookends of that LP, and my heartfelt thanks to Steve for allowing me to contribute the guest vocal on “Cirrus” – what a treat!

Personal appreciation to Alan Friedman, CPA (Fender Barbiecaster) and Jody Hagenow (drums) for joining me on “If.”

Thanks to the The Big Pig, The Pentagon Pig, and The Hirsute Swine for agreeing to plug this labor of love into the highly regarded FRP release catalog. One is often judged by the company one keeps!

Finally, of course, many thanks to Syd, Rick, Roger, Nick, and David, and thanks to everyone for your patience!

Project Coordination: Mark Zampino
Mastered at LedgeVU Media, USA