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FRP 032-033 - 1990-05-02 - The London Rehearsals


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Dr. Forrester said...

Roger Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band

Title: 2.5.90 Roger Waters Rehearsals
Date: 2 May, 1990
Location: Some small studio
Source: Soundboard>The Town House Post-Production Studio>
Maxell UDL II 129 Studio Cassette>Edirol UA-1D>CEP>
Hard Drive>WAV (48 Khz)>SHN
Rating: SUP

Side A:
1. In The Flesh? 3:50
2. Thin Ice 6:40
3. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 1) 10:55
4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 12:27
5. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2) 18:23
6. Mother 29:01
7. Goodbye Blue Sky - Empty Spaces 33:04
8. Young Lust 38:00
9. One Of My Turns 41:40
10. Don't Leave Me Now 45:49
11. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 3) 49:07
12. Goodbye Cruel World 51:45
13. Hey You 57:00
Total: 57:00

Side B:
1. Nobody Home 4:40
2. Vera 5:50
3. Bring The Boys Back Home 8:05
4. Comfortably Numb 15:58
5. In The Flesh 20:38
6. Run Like Hell 26:30
7. Waiting For The Worms 31:04
8. The Tide Is Turning 37:47
9. Waiting For The Worms (another take) 39:40
10. Stop (original studio version with Roger 40:06
talking over it)
11. The Trial (original studio version) 45:57
12. The Tide Is Turning (another take) 52:40
Total: 52:40

Comments: This is an incredible find, a soundboard of a small studio
rehearsal with The Bleeding Heart Band. This was known to have taken
place before the Berlin performance on 21 July. It is an absolutely
clean studio take, complete with chatter between and during tracks.
This is not be the final, full-up rehearsal with all of the artists
that appeared in Berlin.

The story: Someone who worked in the post-production studio made a
copy of the master tape. He (or she) took a studio stock pre-printed
cassette cover and typed the title and date of the performance on it.

The cassette cover typing reads:
2.5.90 Roger Waters Rehearsals
The Wall Berlin

Preprinted information:
The Town House
Post Production
140 Goldhawk Road, London, along with address and phone number

The studio still exists under a slightly different name.

This is untracked, just the way the music is on the tapes. They
have been digitally transferred without editing or sonic tweaking.
What you hear is the virgin sound, just as it came from the studio.
You can hear Roger giving directions, a click track once in a
while, and sound effects made up on-the-spot, such as the
shuffling of feet to mimic marching boots. These little highlights
make you realize that you *ARE* in the studio.

One hilarious point occurs during the close-out to 'Waiting For
The Worms', when Roger begins to rave on and on in what sounds
like German while the band plays a goose-stepping jackboot
march. 'Stop' and 'The Trial' are from the studio release,
but they were played at the rehearsal. You can hear this when
'Stop' begins and Roger says "we've heard this...just keep
going, just keep going" and he chimes in on a few words.

So sit back, put on a pair of headphones, and enjoy a Wall
show that you've never heard, in a way that you've never
heard it.