Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kansas - 1981-08-22 - Baarlo, The Netherlands



Dr. Forrester said...

Band: Kansas
Title: Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival
Tour: Audio Visions
Place: Baarlo, The Netherlands
Venue: Horse Racing Course
Date: August 22, 1981

==> Excellent FM broadcast <==

Flacs by: kerrylives
Artwork: no

Set list:

01 - Song For America
02 - Got To Rock On
03 - Paradox
04 - Point Of Know Return
05 - Dust In the wind
06 - Miracles Out Of Nowhere
07 - Loner
08 - Down The Road
09 - Portrait (He Knew)
10 - Carry On Wayward Son

Total time: 49:40 mins.

I don't remember how I got the original files, but they were lossless. The source is a FM re-broadcast on Dutch national radio station KRO. The original files had some indexing mistakes, so I corrected that. While I was at it I decided to do some minor remastering to make it sound even more enjoyable. This is a historical recording since it's the last one to my knowledge that features all six original member. Not long after this show lead singer Steve Walsh decided to leave the band. This is Kansas' first performance in The Netherlands and the next one would be almost a quarter of a century later (2005). The festival they played was organised to celebrate the first 10 years of a youth centre called Sjiwa in the village of Baarlo. Other acts that day were: Girls Walk By, Jango Edwards, 38 Special and Foreigner.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this show . I just want to tell you that this wasn't the first show in the netherlands . I got a tape of the concert they gave in 1978 in The Hague. After all these years the sound isn't very good of that tape