Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JW - 1988-07 - Pistoia Blues Festival



Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny Winter
Pistoia Blues Festival (Italy) July 1988 - STEREO SOUNDBOARD-


July 1988, at Pistoia Blues festival we had big names
like Stevie Ray Vaughan,Bo Diddley and Johnny Winter
Italian RAI TV broadcasted the three gigs the year later (1989)

I missed (Wrong VCR program!!) SRV,leave out Bo diddley out and recorded
Johnny Winter, but i had a mono VCR.

When a re-broadcast was scheduled (1990?) i had just purchased
a great JVC HIFI STEREO vcr...and get hold of a nice chrome MAXUELL VHS tape
....so i re-recorded Winter, leave out (another time)
Bo Diddley and.....THEY NEVER Re-broadcast SRVaughan!!! damn!!

SO you have here the soundtrack of that Winter gig
(the 50 minutes broadcast)



Anonymous said...

From what i understand the audio recording head in a vcr is larger than a cassette deck recording head. Audio recordings on a vhs tape have a higher frequency range than that of cassette. So don`t throw the old hifi player in the trash just yet...they make good analog recordings.