Friday, January 28, 2011

JW & B.B. King - 1969-07-06 - Newport, NJ



Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny Winter w. B.B. King: Newport-July 6, 1969-1st Gen Tape

1st Gen Tape>cd-r>Bias Peak Pro 5 (song-indexing)>XACT>flac

There's nothing like some hot Texas blues, with a little B.B. King mixed in, to get the week started off on a fine groove. This is a blistering set at Newport Jazz Festival, July 6, 1969. The band features Johnny Winter with Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on drums, with BB King sitting in for about one-third of the set. Winter and BB do some great interplay and trading of solos. This tape came from the Florida Kid, along with his other great Newport Jeff Beck and Ten Years After shows posted here previously. Wonderful quality, for a period audience tape this is excellent.

Setlist: (66:21)
1. Leland, Mississipi
2. Black Cat Bone
3. Mean Town Blues/Dallas/I'm Your and I'm Hers
4. It's My Own Fault
5. Everyday I Have the Blues (with B.B. King)
6. Five Long Years (with B.B. King)

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Anonymous said...

Fine recording. I am glad that the tape survived the assault of the ages. I assume that this tape is from a Reel but i could be wrong. The cassette was first marketed in 1964. They might have had portable stereo cassette recorders back in 1969.

Anonymous said...

Yes very hot show. This version of "it's My Own Fault" is worth the download alone. Truly awesome song. Thanks very much for this last minute addition.