Sunday, January 23, 2011

JW - 1982-09-28 - Virginia Beach, VA


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Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny Winter .... September 28, 1982
Rogues, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Torrent size: 12 tracks; 62:04 minutes; ~396MB flacs, etc.
Quality: vg+/ex- AUD
Source: AUD> cassette tape ??unknown gen??> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Flac Frontend level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Artwork: none.
Transfer: Francisco Silva (Brasil), of JAJ's (roryglzep) tape. Thank You!!

Francisco's comments:
source: very good audience recording, but the taper had problems with his/her equipment; there are a plenty of cuts on the tape, even in the middle of the songs. An enjoyable recording anyway.
comment: The band in a little disjointed performance. Many times the beat was missed, maybe Bobby T. on a bad day. His solo was very quick, half a minute only.


1. intro
2. hideaway
3. prodigal son
4. help me
5. same thing
6. bony moronie
7. drum solo
8. bony moronie [conclusion]
9. mean town blues
10. highway 61 revisited
11. johnny b. goode
12. it's all over now