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JW - 1984-06-30 & 1971-03-18 - Sweden


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Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny Winter - Sweden 1984 & filler from 1971

Johnny Winter at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden on June 30, 1984

By request of Peter messy1 from Sweden. His words: "I was at this show and it still give me goosebumps just thinking about it. I still have the ticket stub, I'll try to take a good photo or scan of it and mail it to you if you want. I bought a really nice T-shirt at that show, with the dragon tattoo and "Guitarslinger" written at the back, used that T-shirt until it fell apart... I also remember Johnny coming out and playing solo for about twenty minutes before the band came on stage."

It's a relaxed and very inspired performance

source: very good to excellent audience recording. MP3 samplers will be provided.

Set List:

cd 1 (about 76 minutes):
101. warm up jam [Johnny played many of his signature riffs instead of "succotash" or "hideaway"; a real and masterful jam, maybe the longest instrumental introduction ever clocking in 17+ minutes]
102. don't take advantage of me
103. I smell trouble [another great and long version as the one played the day before and again played "steppin' out" in the "scat singing section", by the end of the track]
104. jumpin' jack flash
105. it's all over now
106. boot hill
107. it's my life
108. kiss tomorrow goodbye

cd 2 :

(about 7 minutes)
201. okie dokie stomp

Filler show: Quinnipiac College (now University), Hamden, Connecticut on March 18, 1971

By requested of Dlau. I received this recording as from 1972 and many traders list it as 1973. Both years are wrong indeed, it's clear and "And" era show with Rick Derringer. Incomplete recording, where's the rest? Dlau help me out to state the date and point me the address

(about 47 minutes):
202. rock me baby
203. good morning little school girl
204. rock'n'roll hoochie koo
205. be careful with a fool
206. jumpin' jack flash

207. great balls of fire
208. guitar jam
209. long tall sally
210. whole lotta shakin' goin' on [cut out, two minutes only]

source: very good audience recording, clear but a little hissy.