Friday, January 28, 2011

Future Things

Well, that wraps it up for JW. Just in case you were counting, there are 56 GB of JW concerts listed below. Compare this with some 26 GB of KC material coming soon, 32 GB of Lou Reed, 123 GB of Pink Floyd, 155 GB of Roger Waters, 56 GB of SRVaughan, 95 GB of Yes, and, seriously, over 300 GB of LZ. There will be lots & lots of other strange bands as well. Should be enough to keep you amused for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Truly one of the best blogs around. Can't wait to hear what you have in your bag of tricks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was an enormous amount of live JW shows. THANKS for the FLACs.
The shows you posted from the 60's and early 70's are of particular interest to me.
I look forward to your uploads of 'strange bands' to come.
THANKS again

Anonymous said...

This site is just fantastic! The shows you are posting are historical teasures.Forty years of Johnny Winter shows alone. I appreciate all your efforts, and I certainly have a lot more great music to look forward to in the future. Thank You very much indeed.

Beth said...

Trust me, I'm patiently awaiting your Pink Floyd concerts, since there are many I've wanted but been unable to get as the links are now dead.

kike said...

Thanks doc, can`t wait for KC and some more Floyd to my ears.
Best regards, Kike.

Kwai Chang said...

Are we still in The Old Testament? Call me back after The Creation...or when you get to Cone 3:16. Good God!
Well, Winter may be over but if you take a break you may be able to find some snow to play in. I just wanted to say high!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your all your shows
and the time that you spend making this Blog the great blog that it is.

Dr. Forrester said...

Beth -

Why don't you get in touch? We'll make sure that your requests get posted. I don't believe that there are many duplicates planned. So, in other words, if it's already been posted, it's unlikely to be posted again unless you & I plan for it to happen.

Ray said...

I was really happy when they released the officiel JW live bootleg series, but that's nothing compared to my pleasure and astonishment at the sight of so many shows : no use for me to have 500 shows, I've got here enough for all my life !
Thanks again for all these concerts, to you and your friends who shared them.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to PF,KC,Yes. Any solo S. Hackett, Renaissance and Marillion would be icing on the cake. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr, Thanks so much for the great JW posts. I seem to remember one important 'dead' Floyd link which was for a very early pre-darkside show from Jan 72. These are the ones I have - Jan 20,21,22,27 - was it maybe Bradford. Apologies it was a long way back in your archives, i thought there were 6 shows played in total, am I (and Beth) missing anything? These shoews are essential regardless of quality IMHO. Thanks again for all you do

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all. Have a nice weekend. All the best for you.

zubbid said...

I, too, am eager to see what develops here on the "Strange Band' front.

dlz1965 said...

Thank you so much for all your fine efforts on this magnificent site. If you are taking requests,i'd love to hear some Here & Now shows.

Beth said...

I appreciate you taking the time to do that. These are the boots specifically that I'm looking for, and they've all been posted on your blog before, so I'm not requesting anything that hasn't already been shared. The dates are listed as month, date, year, and then the location:

Anything from 1968
10-23-1970 (Santa Monica, California) [Creatures of the Deep]
10-28-1971 (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
10-31-1971 (Toledo, Ohio)
01-21-1972 (Portsmouth, England)
01-22-1972 (Bournemouth, England)
01-23-1972 (Southampton, England)
04-16-1972 (Columbia, South Carolina)
12-10-1972 (Lyon, France)
03-10-1973 (Kent State University, Ohio)
06-17-1973 (Saratoga, New York)
06-09-1975 (Landover, Maryland)
06-16-1975 (Uniondale, New York)
02-03-1988 (Sydney, Australia)
07-04-1989 (London, England)
07-05-1989 (London, England)
07-06-1989 (London, England)
07-07-1989 (London, England)
07-08-1989 (London, England)
05-29-1994 (Columbus, Ohio)
06-11-1994 (Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York)
06-18-1994 (Denver, Colorado)
07-15-1994 (Detroit, Michigan)
10-28-1994 (London, England)

I apologize if this seems like a lot. It's just that your blog is the only place I can find these great shows.

Christophe said...

Holy shit !!! Pink Floyd, Waters, Lou Reed...
Can't wait !!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all this great material with us - keep up the good work!

Kwhy Chang said...

Comments attract less unwanted attention when names are spelled as 'initials-only'...please pay heed so we can all see this through. The Doc Rocks!!! Peace everyone!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Serious thanks for all the tremendous effort you've put into making so many of us quite happy. The quanity (and quality) of your offerings is unparalleled in any other blogs that I know of. Looking forward to many more weeks of music. Hoping that your venture into the letter "K" will bring us some rarely-seen Kink Kollectables?