Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JW - 1990-04-10 - Mississauga, Ontario


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Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny Winter - Hey Joe! Canadian tour 1990, soundboard

Johnny Winter at Entex, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on April 10, 1990

Hearing the recordings from the 1989 Fall on, we can attest that Jeff Ganz was not merely to fill a bass player's shoes. Both Johnny and Tom, stimulated by the new guy, had renewed their powers to put out strong performances that I would compare to the ones in 1986. The first noteworthy move is the instrumental warm-up opening song, retiring "succotash" that remained since first 1984 shows and adopting "sen-sa-shun", another Freddy King classic as "hideaway" which was the opening song from 1978 till 1984. "Sen-sa-shun" would remain till the first years of this century.[this is the rule, of course we had some exceptions along all those years].

Without any release to promote, this Canadian string of shows brought more surprises on the set list. The first renditions of "you're humbuggin' me", some songs forgotten all the way, Hendrix's songs and, last but not least, the first shows that Jeff Ganz would have an opportunety to show off, along his bass abilities, his mighty voice; only in a few shows in 1990, but a regular showcase from 1991 till his demise on 1994.

This recording was choosen mainly because it's one of two soundboard recordings that have surface from 1990. This is NOT the best performance but a strong one neverthless. In a near future, I'll seed some other with rare and unusual songs or high enjoyable audience recordings and even stronger performances. For awhile, I've known the people prefers soundboards recordings, so you'll have it.

This recording (in a bit poorer version, mislabeling date & venue) is sold once in a awhile on ebay, as "Live at the Warfield 1991". You can see the covers at . I'm sure the correct date & venue are the ones I've stated here. I'd known the first seller of the bootleg and he deliberately used the recording with wrong information.

No details on lineage on this one. Got it in a cdr by snail mail trade and I've just done some editions with Adobe Auditon 2.0 software to edit the blancs, fix some minor flaws, adjust the levels and index the tracks.

Set List (about 78 minutes):

1. sen-sa-shun
2. I'm good
3. you're humbuggin' me
4. last night

5. mess around
6. serious as a heart attack

7. you don't love me [sung by Jeff Ganz]
8. hey joe
9. mojo boogie

the encores: 
10. johnny b. goode
11. okie dokie stomp