Saturday, January 22, 2011

JW - 1976-07-10 - Buffalo, NY


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Dr. Forrester said...

Johnny & Edgar Winter at Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York - July 10, 1976

It's a lost gem, the one and only complete recording that surfaced so far from shows to promote "Together" LP, released some months earlier. The tracks on "Together" were recorded from 2 shows on late September 1975 in California (Swing Auditorium and San Diego Sports Arena; "Captured Live" tracks were also come from these shows plus one more at Oakland Coliseum). Edgar and his band (with Rick Derringer) played his regular set, after it Johnny played his; then both bands joined, 8 members in total. On this recording I've not heard any mention to Rick Derringer or any other Edgar's band member, only Johnny's band members such as Floyd Radford and Richard Hughes. I believe only Johnny's band were on stage with Edgar, as you can see on photos of this tour at . A great set - except for the last encore song, I must admit I didn't like it. Need help a song name, on track 5.

Set List (about 75 minutes):

1. intro - tuning
2. let the good times roll
3. johnny b. goode
4. you've lost that lovin' feelin'
5. ??name?? [an Edgar's song, I don't know its name]
6. pick up on my mojo
7. baby whatcha want me to do
8. frankenstein

rock & roll medley:
9. slippin' & slidin'
10. jailhouse rock
11. tutti frutti
12. sick & tired
13. I'm ready
14. reelin' & rockin'
15. blue suede shoes
16. jenny take a ride
17. good golly miss molly

the encores:
18. jumpin' jack flash
19. tobacco road [in a disco beat!]

source: nice audience recording, very good for this vintage. No details on lineage on this one. Got it in a cdr by snail mail trade.