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JA - 2007-03-24 - Tilburg


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Dr. Forrester said...

Artist: Jon Anderson
Title: On Magic Mushrooms
Date: 24-march-2007
Venue: 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Tour: 2007 workshop Tour
Source: Audience recording
Rating: by taper: A
Catalog: MVD-013
Lineage: WAV - (HDD) - FLAC


01. Preshow ambience
02. Yours is no disgrace
03. Long distance runaround
04. Time and a word
05. Chat - on magic mushrooms
06. Give love each day
07. Chat - chord in E
08. Starship trooper
09. Chat - the local store
10. Buddah song
11. Chat - Lala land / simple song
12. Nous sommes du soleil
13. Chat - Not a request show / Elias
14. Owner of a lonely heart
15. Chat - 9 voices
16. Piano songs (set sail-close to the edge-reveiling science of God)

01. Chat - far away in badgdad / Elias / Tormato / superglue
02. Chat - play together?
03. And you and I (with Jaap)
04. Sweet dreams
05. Chat - Tilburg
06. All good people
07. Chat - China / Mozart
08. Chat - play together 2?
09. Heart of the sunrise (with Pieter de Jongh)
10. Chat - rockschool
11. Turn of the century
12. Chat - Kitaro
13. Show me
14. Roundabout

15. Show me (reprise)
16. Soon


Recorded live at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
date: 24 march 2007.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, build 060820.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphone: Sony ECM CS10 stereo
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 7.0 / Adobe Audition 2.0
Sound editing with CD Wave editor
Flacs created with FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 7)

I was sitting a little left to the stage, about 10 meters away from the PA.
Mike hight at about 1,20 meters.
Gain was set at auto correction (live)
Minor clipping occured as a result of loud applause next to me.

I started out with some volume corrections, including clipping & peaking correction.
The next step was to eliminate the clippings that occured from loud claps made
by the person(s) sitting next to me.Then I slightly boosted the passages where talking occured. The microphone I used did pick up the bass, but it was too low. The recording
sounded metallic. So in a few steps I gave some boost to the lower freqencies.
Around 60Hz there was a hum, so I cut the frequency a bit there.
Then I corrected the stereo panning and the overall volume.
Finally I evened out the sound to produce a listenable recording with not too much hard or low passages, but keeping the dynamics of the recording in tact.

The complete file was split in two discs and tracks were split at sector boundaries. Finally I made the FLAC's, that I tagged for convienent playback on compatible systems.

This was a special set, the last one of Jons workshops in which the audience
could ask questions about his songs. A lot of questions were asked. And two young
guitarists asked Jon to join him on stage and perform with him. He invited them
and that was really nice.
The title of this show is derived from one of his stories in which he tells about
pills he has been given to deal with a flu epidemic. They give him the feeling that
he is on magic mushrooms. Hence the title.
The audience was nice and the all enhjoyed Jon talking and joking. Although he forgot
the words or chords at some points in the show: that didn't matter. Blame it on the
magic mushrooms...erhm pills.

Jon Anderson - Guitar - Piano - Voice
Jaap ?? - Guitar on 'And you and I'
Pieter de Jongh - Guitar on 'Heart of the sunrise'