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PF - 1981-02-18 - Between A Wall And A Hard Place

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Dr. Forrester said...

Feb 18, 1981 (Westfalenhalle - Dortmond, Germany)

1-1. Master Of Ceremonies 1:45
1-2. In The Flesh ? 2:58
1-3. The Thin Ice 2:43
1-4. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 1) 4:32
1-5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 1:41
1-6. Another Brink In The Wall (Pt. 2) 6:24
1-7. Mother 7:55
1-8. Goodbye Blue Sky 3:57
1-9. Empty Spaces 2:33
1-10. What Shall We Do Now ? 1:54
1-11. Young Lust 5:20
1-12. One Of My Turns 3:48
1-13. Don't Leave Me Now 4:13
1-14. Another Brink In The Wall (Pt. 3) 1:15
1-15. The Last Few Bricks 3:25
1-16. Goodbye Cruel World 2:11
2-1. Hey You 4:52
2-2. Is There Anybody Out There ? 3:12
2-3. Nobody Home 4:02
2-4. Vera 1:20
2-5. Bring The Boys Back Home 1:17
2-6. Comfortably Numb 7:23
2-7. The Show Must Go On 2:41
2-8. Master Of Ceremonies 2:33
2-9. In The Flesh 4:20
2-10. Run Like Hell 7:27
2-11. Waiting For The Worms 4:27
2-12. Stop 0:31
2-13. The Trial 6:30
2-14. Outside The Wall 3:05

There were 31 total Wall shows and 8 of them occurred in Germany. The show presented here is the 6th German performance and was seen on
February 18th, 1981. We were fortunate to obtain both a CD copy of the master tape and copies of pictures taken at that event. Overall, the remaster and artwork project turned out well in our estimation. In fact, with the reduction of noise and improvement in clarity the attentive listener may even hear the click of a near-by camera, especially during the song “Goodbye Cruel World”. Was it the man who took the pictures
we used? We will never know…Maybe!
So, why did we choose this title? 
Choosing a Wall show to do was the first step of this project. Some have already been remastered very well so we did not want to duplicate
other people’s efforts. After reviewing all the shows we found that some had good remastered versions, some had no remastered versions but very poor
quality master tapes and only a few had good quality master tapes but no significant remaster. The Dortmund February 18th, 1981 show was the one we felt we could help the most.
We began with a SHN copy of the master tape. Upon initial review, the recording was found to be complete with tape flips occurring during
applause so no patches of music were necessary. The quality of the recording was also felt to be very good but a number of problems were obviously present that needed correction.
First, the Hiss noise was bothersome and obscured some of the details of the show. To make things more difficult, the hiss varied and was particularly pronounced during the acoustic guitar sections. Disc 2 also had a different Hiss profile than disc 1 suggesting that they might have been recorded on two different tapes. This called for multiple and variable noise reduction techniques to be used. Now, with much of the hiss removed, you
can occasionally hear the click of a camera from someone close to the recorder taking pictures. This is particularly obvious during Goodbye Cruel World.
Clicks and pops were also found and removed manually. Where whistles and other audience noises were excessive, they were reduced.
Balance was also a major issue early on. The left channel was much lower than the right and was normalized with the right during dynamic
adjustments. In general, the tonality needed a small correction. A bit of a bass boost and cut in the midrange helped to make the bass guitar a bit more
noticeable and reduced the harshness of the guitar solos. Selective dynamic adjustment of tonality was also used where necessary. Dynamics were
adjusted to increase the dramatic character of the show.
PRRP Staff