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DG - 2006-03-20 - In Amsterdam - Biertje

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Dr. Forrester said...

David Gilmour - 2006-03-20 - Biertje? (ARV002)

Recorded at The Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam
20th March 2006

Sharp MD-MT15 and Sony ICD SX35 -> Adobe Premiere Pro -> WAV 44khz 16-bit -> Switch 1.05 -> FLAC

Track Listing:

1 Shine on you crazy diamond
2 Wot's... Uh The Deal?
3 Fat old sun
4 Coming back to life
5 Time/Breathe (reprise)
6 High Hopes
7 Echoes
8 Wish you were here
9 Comfortably Numb

Wearing the inside out, Dominoes and the first part of Breathe were not performed during this night.

Musicians performing
David Gilmour: guitar & vocals
Rick Wright; Keyboards
Guy Pratt: Bass
Phil Manzanera: Guitar
Dick Parry: Saxophone
Jon Carlin: Keyboards
Steve DiStanislao: Drums

When I heard that security wasn't checking on any recording devices, I decided to bring two recorders: a Sharp MD portable recorder and a Sony voicerecorder. Too bad I only had one MD disc (the other one gave an error :S) so I recorded the first set with just the voicerecorder with an external clip-on mic. I'm not sure what went wrong but this recording had a lot odd clicks and sounds really strange. That's why I decided not to release it. During the break (after listening to some parts of the first set in the toilet, sorry to keep you guys waiting...) I connected the external mic to the MD player and recorded the second set (leaving the voicerecorder runnig as a backup, using it's internal mic).

While remastering the MD version I decided that I should try running it along with the recording of the voicerecorder. After a bit moving things around and trying different EQ's I came out with this remastered version which uses the best of two different recorders (being the low frequencies of the voicerecorder and the higher frequencies of the MD recorder - the voicerecorder also didn't record as much audience-noise as the clip-on mic which was omnidirectional). For Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb I used only the voicerecorder because the MD could only contain 74 minutes (I should have put it on pause during the almost 10 minutes of chanting 'We want more', 'Zugabe' and 'Tis stil aan de overkant')

Anyway, hopefully someone will release the first set of the show. I altered my artwork for just the second set, but when a ROIO of the first set is released I will change the artwork in a 2-disc CD box (if the other recorder agrees of course).

So have fun with this one. It is my first audience recording. Make sure you will also get my recording of Roger Waters during Arrow Rock Festival on June 10th 2006! (I'll bring some working MD discs ;)