Saturday, October 24, 2009

RW - 1987-09-10 - Bloomington

September 10, 1987
MET Center
Bloomington, Minnesota

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Dr. Forrester said...

According to Sidb, this is an upgraded version of the show.

SHN files from Sidb

'Radio Kaos' Tour

Roger Waters
September 10, 1987
MET Center
Bloomington, Minnesota

Bleeding Hearts Band

gtr Andy Fairweather-Low
gtr Jay Stapley
kbd Paul Carrack
drs Graham Bond
sax Mel Collins
bvx Doreen Chanter
bvx Katie Kissoon
dj Jim Ladd


1. Introduction
2. Calls From The Hall
3. Paul Carrack's "Tempted"
4. Radio Waves
5. Welcome To The Machine
6. Who Needs Information
7. Money
8. Professional Bimbo School
9. In The Flesh
10. Have A Cigar
11. Pigs
12. Wish You Were Here
13. Mother
14. Molly's Song
15. Me Or Him
16. Powers That Be
17. Interview & Calls To Roger
18. Shredding Alternative

1. Forest Lawn commercial
2. Going To Live In L.A.
3. Sunset Strip
4. Fish Report With A Beat
5. Take Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert Southampton Dock
6. Arnold Layne
7. If
8. Every Stranger's Eyes
9. Not Now John
10. Another Brick In The Wall - Part 1
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall - Part 2
11. Nobody's Home
12. Home
13. Four Minutes
14. The Tide Is Turning
15. Brain Damage
16. Eclipse

Anonymous said...

thanks for this great roger show i love the KAOS tour, one of the best albums of roger

i have a request, you can repost the shows in wembley ( the complete show) and the show in kinswood?
im very grateful
greetings and the best wishes