Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PF - 1980-08-05 - Here Behind My Wall (Recorder 1)

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This one didn't come with art files for whatever silly reason. No matter. You can get them here.


Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd

"Here Behind My Wall"

PinkRoioShn-CDR-012 (PRS-CDR-012)

date/venue: 1980.08.05 Earl's Court, London, England

source/lineage: Recorder 1 / cass[M] > DAT(4) > cdr(2) > EAC > wav > cd wav (tracking)
> TLH > flac

Disc 1:

01. Gary Yudman [1:13]
02. In the Flesh? [2:17]
03. The Thin Ice [2:57]
04. Another Brick in the Wall (Part I) [4:57]
05. The Happiest Days of Our Lives [1:19]
06. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) [6:21]
07. Mother [7:36]
08. Goodbye Blue Sky [3:49]
09. What Shall We Do Now? [3:59]
10. Young Lust [5:27]
11. One of My Turns [3:37]
12. Don't Leave Me Now [4:05]
13. Another Brick in the Wall (Part III) [4:46]
14. Goodbye Cruel World [1:42]

Disc 2:

01. Hey You [4:33]
02. Is there Anybody Out there? [2:48]
03. Nobody Home [3:47]
04. Vera [1:16]
05. Bring the Boys Back Home [1:24]
06. Comfortably Numb [7:43]
07. The Show Must Go On [2:34]
08. Gary Yudman [3:06]
09. In the Flesh [4:54]
10. Run Like Hell [6:41]
11. Waiting For The Worms [4:22]
12. Stop! [0:32]
13. The Trial [6:24]
14. Outside the Wall [2:28]

total length: 106:37

This is the second night of a six show stint at Earl's Court. This comes from the master
tapes and sounds great to my ears... nice, clear, and crispy. There have been some small
fades applied in a couple places that must have happened somewhere down the lineage, not by
myself. I tend to think this happened somewhere in the DAT gens but this is only a guess. I
I have done nothing to this source at all but tracked it in cd wav, it came to me on audio
cdr's with each set untracked, so this was necessary.

From what I can gather this particular recorder has not been spread commonly, only amongst
traders. There should be another recorder around under the Wall Weeds label (WWRM), that
one sounds quite nice as well but has no lineage. I think this is an upgrade in sound to
that version but if your a completist freak like myself you need both!

Please notice that I have this listed as Recorder 1 in the source/lineage, this is because
this was the first RoIO I received for this date. You may have the WWRM or another version
listed as Recorder 1, in that case make this Recorder 2.

I believe there might be some versions of this master floating about that contain a high
pitched whine from 31:09 till 32:47 in the first set during What shall we do now?, but this
does not. Originally I got this in flac with the high pitched whine but it seemd to be a
flaw somewhere in the compression or something. After a second try receiving audio cdr's in
place of flac data, the audio was revealed to be perfect... whew!!!

Now get out your favourite smoking utensil of choice and pack it up, sit back, and enjoy the

Artwork by: flyingpig




mahavishnu floyd said...

This is an interesting one that I hadn't heard before. According to the YGBC database, this is the only version that is rated EX/EX+ (all others range from VG to EX-), so thank you Doctor for providing the highest quality circulating.

YGBC also lists the source as rec 2, which is logical since the other recorder widely circulated first. The uploader's notes indicate uncertainty as to the proper recorder number.

Others disagree, such as, which lists this as rec 1 and the WWRM version as rec 2. However, these may just be a perpetuation of the mistake.

Regardless of this trivia, this is one of the better sound quality of the circulating Wall tour shows. Thanks to Just Add Cones.