Thursday, October 22, 2009

PF - AHM - Q8

Someone's taken a discrete quad 8-track tape and created DTS (digital theater sound) CD tracks from it. Thought it of enough interest to pass along...

1 2 3

** Please note that you will need to own DTS hardware to play the audio properly.


Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (DTS)

Title: Atom Heart Mother
Record Company: Harvest / EMI Records
Catalog Number: Q8 SHVL 781
Release Information: Discreet quadraphonic 8 track tape.
Cover: A cow.
Program 1 - If, Summer 68, Fat Old Sun, Atom Heart Mother (part 1)
Program 2 - Atom Heart Mother (conclusion), Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast


01 Father's shout (Atom Heart Mother)
02 If
03 Summer of '68
04 Fat Old Sun
05 Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

To create a DTS CD, just burn it like a conventional CDR.

Brett B (NC) said...

Thank You So Much for Sharing This Beauty!! I got the first one you posted and could tell it was a stereo source mix. Thanks for sharing it still the same!

Thank You. Thank You