Thursday, October 29, 2009

DG - 2006-04-12 - Rosemont, Illinois

Rosemont Theater
Rosemont, Illinois
April 12, 2006

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Dr. Forrester said...

David Gilmour
Rosemont Theater
Rosemont, Illinois
April 12, 2006

Master: Sonic Studios DSM-6 microphones => bass roll-off => Sony M-1 DAT (11th row center)
Transfer: Sony ES DAT deck => Stand-alone CD Burner => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC Front-end (level 8)

Disc one (76:09):
(1) Castellorizon (4:11)
(2) On An Island (7:38)
(3) Red Sky At Night (3:47)
(4) DG Intro (0:36)
(5) The Blue (6:15)
(6) Then I Close My Eyes (8:21)
(7) This Heaven (4:37)
(8) Smile (4:51)
(9) Take A Breath (7:32)
(10) A Pocketful of Stones (6:07)
(11) Band introductions (2:19)
(12) Where We Start (7:38)
(13) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (12:11)

Disc two (79:07):
(1) Wot's The Deal (5:38)
(2) Wearing The Inside Out (8:12)
(3) Fat Old Sun (6:37)
(4) Breathe (3:22)
(5) Time (5:31)
(6) Breathe (reprise) (1:26)
(7) High Hopes (9:31)
(8) Echoes (22:27)
(9) Encore break (2:14)
(10) Wish You Were Here (5:59)
(11) Comfortably Numb (8:06)

Fingerprint file is included. Sorry, no artwork.

Comments: Please note that this is NOT the same version currently being torrented on Yeeshkul (titled "Convergence," recorded on a pocket PC phone). I haven't heard the other source, but judging from the equipment and my seat location, I'm guessing this is an upgrade. (I'm also guessing there were 20 Schoeps versions that haven't hit BitTorrent yet.)

I'll be honest that the first set bored me to tears, but the sound quality is quite good overall. The crowd was fairly courteous -- there were two men in front of me that talked quietly a lot, but I don't hear them on this recording. I was very happy with the sound quality overall, and the second set was very entertaining. I never thought I would see "Fat Old Sun" and "Echoes" performed in my lifetime, much less on the same night.

Magix was used to level out the sound a little -- the quieter tracks in the first set (D1T3-6, D1T8, and D10-12) were raised +1.3 db to make them easier to listen to in the context of the show. Level change was done during silent parts, so the difference should be seamless. Otherwise this recording is untouched -- my location was good and the Rosemont Theater is acoustically great, so there was not really a need to tweak the sound.

wigglytoothman said...

Glad to see you post this on, Dr. Forrester. I was at this show and it kicked all form of ass!

Dr. Forrester said...

I was there as well. I went to both DG shows in Chicago. They were *wonderful*! Very nice venue as well.. Much better than the horrid outdoor venue that Roger picked in 2006. Blah!

Brett B (NC) said...

Dr. Forrester I was there as well for the first night. This was a truly great show! Thanks for sharing!!