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PF - 1994-06-02 - Phila. PA, - Kill the Bastard!

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Dr. Forrester said...

"Kill The Bastard!"

Source: Sony D3 Walkman ->TDK MA-110 cassettes
Lineage: Tascam 112mkII ->Echo Layla 3g ->Sound Forge 6.0->wav

Re-transfer/editing: Denon DN-C635(XLR out) -> Various Rack mounted components(Behringer, BBe, dbx, Presonus, motu) -> Behringer SRC2496 (Apogee Digital Coax Cable) M-Audio Delta 66 -> Wavelab5 (graphical edits, fades, crossfades, ozone4) -> CDwave -> Flacfrontend (Flac Level 8) -> Traders Little Helper (shntool, checksums)

Recording and MC Transfer to digital by Doinker
Transfer, editing and lossless compression by mtownshend

Set List:
Set One:
[04:12]01. Astronomy Domine *!!
[05:48]02. Learning To Fly
[04:09]03. What Do You Want From Me
[07:04]04. On The Turning Away
[06:05]05. Take It Back
[07:09]06. Poles Apart %
[10:45]07. Sorrow
[06:06]08. Keep Talking
[07:09]09. One Of These Days

Set Two:
[10:58]10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Disc One Time [01:09:25]

Disk Two:
[02:44]01. Breathe ->
[06:38]02. Time
[08:01]03. High Hopes
[05:22]04. The Great Gig In The Sky
[05:35]05. Wish You Were Here
[06:07]06. Us And Them
[08:28]07. Money %
[06:47]08. Another Brick In The Wall - Part 2
[01:50]09. Crowd #
[10:35]10. Comfortably Numb

[01:27]11. Crowd and Banter
[04:28]12. Hey You
[00:34]13. Crowd and vamping
[01:50]14. Run Like Hell Intro (with Crowd)
[05:00]15. Run Like Hell

Disc Two Time [01:17:03]
Total Time [02:26:28]

If you remove the three crowd tracks in the second set, you will have exactly enough room to burn this on a 74min disk (73 and some change), so to get it all, you need an 80 minute CD for the second disk.

% Tape Flip

* The start of the show and a few times during the first half, the mics were slightly jostled or moved out of sight for a second or two. I minimized as much as I was comfortable, but you will hear what sounds like a light breeze, that is the mic. movement.

! Where to start...There was a Guy and a girl next to and/or behind the mics.
The guy was intent on ruining this recording, he yelled, talked, tapped and whistled into those mics, the levels were apparently set to peak to this guys belligerence.
Then there is this girl next to the mics that put the drunk guy to shame, she carried on what seemed like a continuous conversation, taking short breaks to scream madly.
The girl's screaming schrill was as annoying as it gets, but the guy behind Doinker takes the cake.
The title of this source initially was Kill The Bitch!, but I managed to move her into a box and the primary desire was to Kill That Bastard!

I did what I was comfortable with as far as minimizing this immediate crowd noise issue. The end result, spacialy, was that the mics were virtually moved away from these sources. So you can hear them, but they are not 90% of the recording any more. With the bitch in the box and the beligerant bastard dominating, I focused on the task to kill the bastard and get it over with!

Once I was able to get control of the gain structure, the rest was just graphical edits, fades, crossfades, ozone4, but I can say that there were well over 100 or 200 individual edits to tame the recording.

These manipulations are not very apparent most of the time, but during extreme sections, you may hear a lowering of the gain for a second or two.


A Doinker Tape