Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roger Waters - 2006-07-01 - Watering The Park



Dr. Forrester said...

Date: 2006-07-01
Band: Roger Waters
RoIO: Watering The Park
Venue: Hyde Park
Place: London, UK
Tracks: 23
Total Length: 2 Hours 20 minutes

Roger Waters: Watering The Park (MCD034)

Lineage: Core Sound Binaural Mics > M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 > 16bit 44.1khz Wav > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > Wav > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

I recorded this on the first day of the Hyde Park Calling Festival in London. My position was approximately 250 feet from the stage, dead centre, and just to the left of the mixing desk. It was very hot and sunny and the crowd had been partaking of alcohol all day, hence the rowdy atmosphere around me. It was also the day that England lost to Portugal in the World Cup, so I think maybe some of them got a bit wasted to compensate ...

For this show, Roger used quad speakers positioned high up on scaffolding towers. Two of these towers were located approximately 50 feet directly to my left and right, which accounts for some of the weird delays to the sound effects heard in the Dark Side in the Moon set (the clocks in time, almost all of On The Run, the voices at the end of Money et al).

I did actually turn my body towards these speakers at times in an experimental attempt to catch some of the effects. I'm not entirely sure it worked - you decide!

One thing I wish I could have recorded was the flame throwers on the very top of the stage construction which were set off during the choruses of Comfortably Numb, hence the cheering the first time they sing it. Believe me, they were HOT!

N (larry)

[Set 1]

01. In The Flesh?
02. Mother
03. Set The Controls
04. SOYCD 1-5
05. Have A Cigar
06. Wish You Were Here
07. Southampton Dock
08. The Fletcher Memorial Home
09. Perfect Sense I & II
10. Leaving Beirut
11. Sheep

Total Time: 1:13:49

[Set 2]

01. Nick Mason Intro / Breathe
02. On The Run
03. Time / Breathe Reprise
04. Great Gig In The Sky
05. Money
06. Us & Them
07. Any Colour You Like
08. Brain Damage
09. Band Introduction
10. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives / Another Brick In The Wall 2
11. Vera / Bring The Boys Back Home
12. Comfortably Numb

Total Time: 1:06:30

Recorded by N (larry) on 2006-07-01
Digitally Mastered by Marooned on 2006-07-02
Cover Art by Marooned on 2006-07-03

GabySoluciones said...

Hi im luis from Argentina. I have a roio where roger plays complete Amimals. It`s complete soundboard record. I don`t know the date or the location of the show. Can you helpme. Yhank you Luis

Dr. Forrester said...

No idea. I don't think I know of a Roger Waters solo show containing the whole of the Animals album.