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RF - 2007-11-05 - Philadelphia, PA


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Dr. Forrester said...

Artist: Robert Fripp & TheLeague of Crafty Guitarists
Date: 2007-11-05
Venue: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia,PA, US

Robert Fripp – electric guitar (acoustic on last song)
With 10 other unnamed guitarists (amplified acoustic guitars)

Lineage: Zoom H4 (44.1/16 WAV mode); SD memorycard; HD; Roxio Sound Editor
(split tracks); Traders Little Helper (encode to flac-6)

01. Multi-lingual intro and babble
02. (title ?)
03. All or Nothing (?)
04. (title ?)
05. (title ?)
06. (title ?)
07. (title ?)
08. (title ?)
09. (title ?)
10. Eye of the Needle (?)
11. (title ?)
12. Thrak (KC cover)
13. (title ?)
14. (title ?)
15. (title ?)
16. (title ?)
17. (title ?)
18. (title ?)
19. encore cheering / tuning
20. Vroom (KC cover)
21. Mission Impossible theme
22. (title ?)
23. (title ?) 11 unplugged acoustic guitars / cheers & outro

Sorry about the limited setlist - Not only does Fripp not announce songs, he didn't speak a word the entire evening.
Any help with the set list would be appreciated.

The show was great - the League of Crafty Guitarists are a group of talented players who follow Fripp's zen-like stage personality but play with abandon.
Fripp sat in his chair behind his stack of electronics and played - sometimes with the LCG, sometimes by himself, and sometimes letting TLCG play without him.
The 1st track is several of the LCG players all aying something in various languages - the last of which was in english and turned out to be Fripp's statement of policy regarding no photos and no recordings.
You could omit this track and #19 as well without losing any music - I left them in so that you can decide if you want the entire experience or not.

The sound in the World Cafe was wonderful and the recording reflects it.
I was dead center on the elevated rear platform over the soundboard.
I did nothing to the raw recording except split the tracks, and increase the volume on the final acoustic song, then encode to flac.