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RF - 1983-03-15 - Washington DC


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Dr. Forrester said...

March 15, 1983
Washington D.C.
Gaston Hall
Georgetown University

One of 23 lecture/performances Fripp did in 1983 entitled "Music and the Industry".

for more info on this show go to:

I attended this show, driving 3 hours to get there from Delaware.
Ticket price was $8.00
Very interesting lecture, though a bit academic.
It was my second live Fripp experience (League of Gents in Cincinnati was the 1st)
Hearing him play the main riff to Schizoid made the drive from Delaware worthwhile.

After the show I was standing in the lobby listening to an audience member gush about the recording he had just made and how he couldn't wait to get home to listen to it. When from out of nowhere, walks Mr. Fripp. Silently and with a disdainful look on his face he extends his upraised hand toward the young man. THe man knew exactly what Fripp wanted. His precious cassette. No words were spoken. the taper, shamefully, but without hesitation, handed Mr. Fripp the tape. Robert then disappeared back into the crowd. I saw this occur 5 feet from me. The taper was SOOOO sad. Well, it appears that there were at least 3 tapers that evening 26 years ago.

101 - 11.05
102 - 09.49
103 - 15.15
104 - 05.14
105 - 06.31
106 - 26.21
time CD 1 - 74.14

201 - 08.27
202 - 00.28
203 - 09.17
time CD 2 - 18.11


Robert Fripp played the Roland GR 300 guitar synthesizer and Frippertronics
and spoke

recorded from the audience by two separate tapers
This recording comes from two distinct sources.
The quality varies between the sources.
Sound is OK, not great.

2 separate audience recorders combined (most likely on cassette) > unknown generations in trade cassette > I received as CD-R > extracted and compressed to FLAC 8 with xAct > to you