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PF - 1988-01-22 - Welcome [FA018]

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Dr. Forrester said...

Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: 1988-01-22
Venue: Western Springs, Auckland, New-Zealand
Title: "Welcome!"
Cat. #: Furry Animal FA018
SQ Rating: VG-/+

Lineage: VHS[low]>DVD>WAV@48KHz>WAV@44KHz>FLAC
Equipment: audio demuxed from DVD with DVDdecrypter - edited in Cool Edit Pro v2.1 - track split with CD Wave Audio Editor v1.71 - lossless compression with Flac Frontend v1.1.0m level 8, aligned on sector boundaries.

Disc One [56:43]
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 4-5
02. Signs of Life
03. Learning to Fly
04. Yet Another Movie / Round and Around
05. New Machine Part 1 / Terminal Frost / New Machine Part 2
06. Sorrow
07. Dogs of War
08. On the Turning Away

Disc Two [66:17]
01. Time
02. On the Run
03. Wish You Were Here
04. Welcome to the Machine
05. Us & Them
06. Money
07. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
08. Comfortably Numb
09. One Slip
10. Run Like Hell

Total playtime: [123:00]

Release Notes:
I received the 2 DVD set of this show thanks to nfloyd. I don't have information about the source, but the picture was quite clear and the audio very decent so I guess it is from 1st or maximum 2nd gen VHS. Fortunately the DVDs have been recorded in HQ preset, so the audio was in LPCM / 2ch / 48kHz / 16bit / LBA: 4 / PTS: 00:00:00.011 / Delay: -329ms. All I did is rip the audio from the DVDs, then resample it to 44KHz, add fades in/out, normalize (the volume was quite low), dehiss a little bit by reducing the freqs above 8KHz of -8dB. Also the DVD's were split to 1hr each and subsequently Time was on disc 1 and On The Run on disc 2, so I moved Time to disc 2 in order to have the disc change at intermission point.

The show is complete in that extend that all songs are present. Alas, Shine On misses the beginning and One Slip is reduced to the last minute. But that's how it was recorded.

There is an audience audio source in circulation too. That one would have been of excellent quality if it didn't have nast speed fluctuations. Sometimes it runs ok, sometimes it runs waaaaayyyy tooooo sloooooowwwww. This VHS source runs at the right speed but has an overall inferior sound quality (VG-)

- Furry Animal (June 2005)