Thursday, October 15, 2009

PF - 1981-06-17 - the wall live (MoLM)

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Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd: The Wall, 17Jun81, Earls Court, London
Remastered by Danalog of Man of Leisure Music (MoLM)
Source: Dan Kraft Archives
First traded in 1999, released Summer, 2000

Disc one, set one:

01.) Intro/In the Flesh? 5:28
02.) The Thin Ice 2:41
03.) Another Brick in the Wall, part 1 6:07
The Happiest Days of Our Lives
04.) Another Brick in the Wall, part 2 6:08
05.) Mother 8:06
06.) Goodbye Blue Sky 3:58
07.) Empty Spaces (What Shall We Do Now?) 4:26
08.) Young Lust "Sorry Neil, only joking!" 5:15
09.) One of My Turns 3:57
10.) Don't Leave Me Now 4:00
11.) Another Brick in the Wall, part 3 4:37
12.) Brick-making interlude 1:20
13.) Goodbye Cruel World 0:59

Total time, disc one: 57:02

Disc two, set two:

01.) Hey You 4:49
02.) Is There Anybody Out There? 2:56
03.) Nobody Home 3:33
04.) Vera 2:00
05.) Bring the Boys Back Home 1:24
06.) Comfortably Numb 6:59
07.) The Show Must Go On 2:37
08.) In the Flesh 8:24
09.) Run Like Hell 7:35
10.) Waiting for the Worms 4:28
11.) Stop! 0:29
12.) The Trial 6:03
13.) Outside the Wall 2:45

Total time, disc two: 54:02

This is actually the very last "real" Pink Floyd
concert, and the first-ever remastered release by Man
of Leisure Music (MoLM). "Real," meaning that this
was the last time the lineup of Waters, Gilmour, Mason
and Wright peformed together.

It is also the 30th and final performance of the
fabled Wall tour, performed at Earls Court in London.

First weeded out in .wav audio format in September,
2000, some earlier audio copies had been traded out
by the three MoLM partners.

This is now being re-circulated and archived in .shn
format in order to better preserve the original work
of Danalog, the re-mastering whiz of MoLM. This was
painstakingly speed-corrected, edited, equalized and
bass enhanced. Three versions of the entire show was
burned to disc and tested before Dan settled on what
was to become the final product.

We here at MoLM think you will find this to be one of
the finer performances of the Wall. We hope you find
this roio to be the finest edition of this historic
concert in circulation.