Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PF - 1977-04-30 - Deaf, Dumb and Blind


Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd
Jeppesen Stadium
Houston, Texas, USA
April 30, 1977

"Deaf, Dumb And Blind" - label/origin unknown

Disc One:

1. Sheep
2. Pigs on the Wing (pt 1)
3. Dogs
4. Pigs on the Wing (pt 2)
5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc Two:

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pt 1-5)
2. Welcome To The Machine
3. Have a Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pt 6-9)
6. Money
7. Us And Them

Source: Audience

CD Reference:
Deaf, Dumb And Blind

LP Reference:

Roger shouts '35-34' at 12:22 during Pigs (Three Different Ones) -3rd verse

Quality: VG-

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc

Thanks for those 1977 additions. Much appreciated. Is the Okland show from May 10th (not the much bootlegged from the 9th) also availabale?


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Links now dead.