Friday, October 2, 2009

PF - 1977-02-01 - Vienna Master

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Dr. Forrester said...

Vienna 2/1/77 Great aud. recording.The best sounding audio I've ever
heard from this show out of the three that I have. The jewel cover has
a picture of a painting of a pig with wings and it says on the bottom
Vienna Master 2.1.77- This is the only recording with the whole show
including time between songs.. Enjoy

Track listing

Disk 1

pigs on the wing 1
pigs on the wing 2
pigs (three different ones)

Disk 2
shine on you crazy diamond 1-5
welcome to the machine
have a cigar
wish you were here
shine on you crazy diamond 6-9

GabySoluciones said...

Hi i need please
Band: Pink Floyd
Name: Desk Pig In Vienna
Date: feb 1,1977
venue: vienna, Austria
Discs: 2
Recorder: Aud/Sbd
Label: Happy Pig
Is there a SB recording from this tour. Thank you LUIS

mahavishnu floyd said...

according to 'Desk Pig in Vienna' is mostly soundboard sourced. It might be available via Torrent, which I cannot do. I would really like to hear this version.