Monday, October 12, 2009

PF - 1974-11-15 - Strange One - Wembley

Disc/s: 1
Date/venue: 1974 November 15 & November 16 - Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England
Source: soundboard (recorder 3?) / cass[?]>cdr[?] >EAC>WAV>archived in shn
Tot length: 34:15 + 27:44
Overall: SUP-

01. You Gotta Be Crazy [3:15] - just the last part
02. Speak To Me [4:51]
03. Breathe [2:50]
04. On The Run [5:05]
05. Time / Beathe (Reprise) [6:27]
06. The Great Gig In The Sky [7:19]
07. Money [4:26] -cut
74-11-16 (BBC)
08. audience [3:43]
09. Echoes [24:01]

this is more than a Stange One. First of all tis was supposed to be from 11-16 whereas it's really 11-15, which is a great surprise. The origin of this recording is unknown so far, any guess could be right, this can be either something recorded from the stage or more probably some sorta BBC test?? Any info about it? I do ignore if this is the complete recording from this source too. Drums + bass are clearly audible whereas the other instruments are in the back. The last track is Echoes from 11-16 (BBC recording) probably the source used by Sirene for his 11-16 release.
Some processing trick have been used unfortunately, but the sound quality wasn't compromised so much.

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Anonymous said...

It's a pity that one can't hear the vocals and the other instruments. Might work for a karaoke-PF-evening though...