Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ruby Takes A Trip

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I have a microbiologist friend who generously allowed me to borrow his video masters for a number of really, really cool items. One was the Rubber Universe documentary. This is another.

It's a pseudo-documentary by an interesting young woman named Ruby Wax. (She's better known in the UK than in the States.) David Gilmour provides the soundtrack music. Ruby has a mid-life crisis & decides to try to track down her hippie roots and explore her inner being. She visits all manner of religious weirdo, New-Age Loonie, and crunchy out-of-this-world freak that you could imagine. In the end, of course, she finds it all to be unsatisfying.

Come on... Take a Trip with Ruby! You'll have some good laughs & and she'll have you back the same day.

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