Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I recently ran across a guy who told me that he was a member of the "Friends Of Dorothy". I told him that I consider myself to be fairly wise in the ways of the world, but I'd never heard of that group. He told me that he was "Over The Rainbow", but, he said, "not the one that Jim Henson used to sing about." When I got home, I did some work on Google & cyphered it all out. So, there's no need for you to leave comments explaining it.

That said, I thought one way of relating the situation to our favorite band is to share a bunch of recordings made at the Rainbow Theater. It was also, coincidentally, during Mr. Henson's prime, although I'm pretty sure that would be a different group of people entirely.

Lean back, relax, and enjoy a few excellent early Dark Side shows....

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