Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paul Jones - Come Into My Music Box

This is a compilation that... Well.... Probably should've been avoided. In fact, let me just say that if you are anything but an obsessive die-hard Pink Floyd crazy person, you really should attempt to avoid this CD. Your sanity will be your reward.

There is a Pink Floyd connection - an intersection - on three songs. "My Advice To You" and "I Don't Believe You" both feature Mr. Nick Mason on drums. There is a reason that these songs are obscure. Few have lived to describe them to others.

When I heard that this CD was going to contain the song "The Committee", I phoned up the nice fellow who wrote the short story and film and asked him about the song. Paul Jones, as you may know, starred in the film "The Committee" - so it was only natural to think that he might record a song for the soundtrack.. But.. I'd seen the film and knew already that there wasn't a song in it remotely resembling anything that Jones had done. In the end, it turned out that Jones had written & recorded the song. It was played at the film's premier party. But, it was not used in the film itself. Once I received my copy of the CD, it became rather clear why this choice had been made as it had. The Floyd material, although very hastily assembled, was *absolutely* the better option.

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