Sunday, December 11, 2011

Posting Weirdness

You may have noticed that some of the more recent links are not working properly. I have no idea what that is about, honestly. Here are some strange things-

1) When using the official H*tfile download program, sometimes the links work, sometimes not.
2) Sometimes, you can copy & paste the link into a new browser tab & it works... and at the same time, if you just click on the link from the blog, it doesn't work.
3) I've just gone over the 2.0 TB mark - may be related? May be a coincidence?
4) Nobody has complained about anything. No emails or comments of any kind.
5) Sometimes, when I go to the H*tfile web page, it shows me all of my files. Sometimes, it doesn't.

Not having any idea of what the problems are, I am going to switch to a different band. This is a band who are - absolutely - among the very coolest and strangest people I have ever known. I will write a great deal about them in the next few posts. For now, however, what is important is that they actually actively encourage people to record their shows. I have known their business manager for nearly 20 years now. They have no official connection to any record label so far as I know. All of this means that if there are any problems sharing their concerts, it will be due to the nice folks at H*tfile having issues rather than any possible regulatory agency having problems. Call it an experiment.


kike said...

Dear Dr. to me Hot works fine. :)

best regards, K.

Anonymous said...

Works fine for me too !
Absolutely no problems

Oh by the way, thank you very much for all your work !

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

The internet is a strange beast...
Problems and glitches usually straighten out over time. Another great band on is Big Daddy love. I saw them in Tryon NC. By the name i thought they would be a funk filler band. They turned out to be gifted.

Dr. Forrester said...

I knew of a band once upon a time that would try to cover Beatles songs using the music of a different well-known song. Sometimes, it was magic. Other times, not so much. The reason that I mention it it that I'm pretty sure they were called Big Daddy. I'll go check out BDL here in just a few minutes. Thanks for the tip!