Monday, December 26, 2011

Pink Floyd - Mind Your Throats (Final Edition)

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This is another of those sordid tales... Many people were involved. Lots of money changed hands. Everyone had high hopes. But, in the end, I think everyone was disappointed - at least a little. Now... I am not going to go into the whole unpleasant affair. But, it is important to tell you at least a little of the story..

The creation of this DVD was a group effort. To keep everyone up to date with the various tweaking that was being done, rough draft copies were being mailed around, viewed, and improved upon.

When it came time to send the final edition to the duplication facility, a rough draft was accidentally sent instead. To make matters worse, the duplication facility made an additional mistake - pressing the wrong master entirely to about half of the disks. So, if you were lucky, you got a rough draft of the Floyd material. If you weren't lucky, you got non-Floyd material.

Then... the troubles, which I won't go into, really got started. The upshot of all of the unpleasantness was that the final edition just got ... buried & forgotten.

Forgotten ... until now. I am very pleased to be able to share with you the DVD that was Supposed To Be. If you bought the original, if you got a digital clone, if you've never even heard about this project before today... This edition is one that you should own. (Please see the cover art for content details.)