Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nick Mason Radio Shows

1981-07-26 - BBC Rock Hour post
2004-12-00 - Superstars post
2005-00-00 - Off The Record post
2005-03-11 - France Inter Online Archive post
2005-04-13 - WXRT
2007-12-18 - Oh By The Way
2007-12-25 - radio special

** I feel like I should have a lot more Nick-related interviews, especially considering his book tour. But, I am just not finding them in the archives. If you have one or two, I would love to hear them!

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Anonymous said...

1984-06-16 - Nick Mason - ZDFTV Interview

Interview at Nick Mason for the race car "24 hours of Le Mans".
Nice a Mason "style" reply, music business is better payed.
Audio is taken from VHS I think, but I don't know when and how.

Many thanks to Gabi for the help.

Enjoy :)

Nipote 2010-11-21

This interview is in German and is about 2 minutes.