Monday, July 25, 2011

Roger Waters - 2010-12-03 - Oakland CA


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Dr. Forrester said...

Roger Waters
Oracle Arena
Oakland Ca
Dec 3 2010

Recorded by Daspyknows

Schoeps MK4 w/NBox Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 10b, resample, to 16bit 44.1K and split tracks
TLH to convert to Flac

Recorded from Section B Row 16 Seat 9/10

01 Set One:

In The Flesh
The Thin Ice
Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
What Shall We Do Now
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
The Last Few Bricks
Goodbye Cruel World

02 Set Two:

Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside the Wall

Show 4 of 6 for me. At the last minute I checked Ticketmaster and asked
my son if he wanted to go again. We picked up 16th row center and packed
up the gear and went. Parking at the Oakland Colsieum was $35, what's with
that? Crowd was noiser than Vegas but the crowd was really into it. Nothing
too bad though.

For all who have seen the show and noticed the "homeless guy" before the show my
son had a fun and interesting interaction with him. I had a copy of my first
night at MSG with me so I asked my son to give it to him. Show must have been in
California aas I saw numerous people handing him cash. My son said to him "I saw you
in Las Vegas". He responded with something like "Why are you following me?" but then
when my son said he had some music for his trip to LA he got a laugh and a hug. I
can only wonder who will get to hear it.