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Roger Waters - 2010-10-19 - Montreal


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Dr. Forrester said...

Roger Waters The Wall Live 10-19-2010
Montreal , Quebec
Centre Bell

Title: ' The Spitting Incident , This Is Where It All Started ' v2

Recording and production by OnTheWing


Tascam DR07 > built in mics > 16 bit 44.1 wave > Cooledit Pro >
Split to single tracks v2 >Encoded to flac 7 with Traders Little Helper
> flac to y'all.

Even though it was impossible for me to check the levels for the
reason below, I think this is a half decent recording.


Act I - CD1

d1-01-Pre show - Outside The Wall - 3:04
d1-02-In The Flesh Part 1 - 3:37
d1-03-The Thin Ice - 2:39
d1-04-Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 - 4:06
d1-05-The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 - 8:17
d1-06-The Spitting Incident - Mother- 10:38
d1-07-Goodbye Blue Sky - 3:48
d1-08-Empty Spaces - What Shall We Do Now - 4:16
d1-09-Young Lust - 4:59
d1-10-One Of My Turns - Don't Leave Me Now - 8:16
d1-11-Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 - 2:09
d1-12-The Last Few Bricks - Goodbye Cruel World - 3:52


Act II - CD2

d2-01-Hey You
d2-02-Is There Anybody Out There - Nobody Home
d2-03-Vera - Bring The Boys Back Home
d2-04-Comfortably Numb
d2-05-The Show Must Go On - In The Flesh Part 2
d2-06-Run Like Hell
d2-07-Waiting For The Worms - Stop
d2-08-The Trial
d2-09-Outside the Wall - Thank You Montreal


Recording by OnTheWing

Section 112 Row A - 6 rows up from the floor stage right,
directly below the right PA stack. Did the 1st night in Montreal
with a 21 hour haul from Toronto to Montreal and back.
Artwork for CD Cover and inserts included. Almost got popped
during the intermission when a securite guard spotted the shiny
silver Tascam mics in my shirt pocket , but was saved by 2 Floydian
Friends who helped me with a quick cover up and a ' what recording
device ? '. Roger was very animated and as you will hear from the Mother
intro he really appreciated the extremely loud and greatful Montreal crowd.

Enjoy The Show!