Friday, July 15, 2011

Roger Waters - 2010-09-20 - Chicago Ill


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Dr. Forrester said...

Roger Waters Live performing The Wall in Chicago Illinois USA at the United Center, Monday September 20th 2010 First of four shows here

What a captivating performance! Everything about this evening was great. I was very pleased with the crowd, show, sound and performance. Did I mention the sound!! I never heard the United Center sound this good. Thanks a million to Rontoons for the ticket. This worked out just right. Samples enclosed for you skeptics. This will blast on your best stereo system until the cows come home! Did I mention loud and clean!?

Mics: DPA 4022
Recorder: Sound Devices 722
dead center main floor 5 rows in front of mixing desk.
16 bit 44.1K frequency
FLAC to you guys

RB recorded


CD 1

01 Outside The Wall intro
02 In The Flesh
03 The Thin Ice
04 Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
05 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
06 Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
07 Roger speaks
08 Mother
09 Goodbye Blue Sky
10 Empty Spaces
11 Young Lust
12 One Of My Turns
13 Don't Leave Me Now
14 Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3
15 Goodbye Cruel World

CD 2

01 Hey You
02 Is There Anybody Out There
03 Nobody Home
04 Vera
05 Bring The Boys Back Home
06 Comfortably Numb
07 The Show Must Go On
08 In The Flesh
09 Run Like Hell
10 Waiting For The Worms
11 Stop
12 The Trial
13 Outside The Wall