Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink Floyd - 1987-10-07 - MSG

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Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
October 7, 1987

Format: NTSC/PCM Stereo
Lineage: Master VHS Camcorder Tape > 1st Gen VHS Dub > Uncompressed AVI (Vegas) > MPEG-2/PCM Wave

Disc One
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Signs of Life
Learning to Fly
Yet Another Movie
A New Machine (Part 1)
Terminal Frost
A New Machine (Part 2)
Dogs of War
On The Turning Away

Disc Two
One of These Days
On the Run
Welcome to the Machine
Wish You Were Here
Us & Them
Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
Comfortably Numb
One Slip
Run Like Hell

This video became a very popular staple at Record Swaps shortly after the gig. Very good quality for back then, with great tight shots of the band and especially Gilmour. But the copies in circulation were all on T-120 tapes, omitting the encores, so I took it upon myself to track down the guy that filmed this. He was nice enough (since I paid him) to run a couple of copies off for me directly from his masters onto T-160's (one went to a friend). My tape has held up pretty well over the past 20+ years and the reason that I didn't get around to transferring it any sooner is because I simply assumed that this was out there on DVD already (I've only seen one reference to it being in VCD quality). I've really enjoyed rediscovering this gem and remember how definitive it was at the time. Since there would be no official release of this tour for more than a year, this certainly held us over until then. I hope you enjoy it too.

(April 2008)

Dr. Forrester said...

Here are the .md5 checksums if you would care to use them.

14a0fe5ce9ac84a4aeaeb4a657bea43b *HRVDVD1987.part01.rar
f651510f0860196583f388d1b6c6d571 *HRVDVD1987.part02.rar
9b7785e0dc04938d943ae2c9dba3c8c6 *HRVDVD1987.part03.rar
843466df713779b28d840549f7b020b4 *HRVDVD1987.part04.rar
ff433707b352e89161f9f38784e2deb1 *HRVDVD1987.part05.rar
4c2b23d92c773e2fb16dc4060c127d1a *HRVDVD1987.part06.rar
702179252142ea03e64652ee2688cc5d *HRVDVD1987.part07.rar
1566d431949d2002347c25d9e79f9c5a *HRVDVD1987.part08.rar
1640138d8028f6eee9ce9814f460a2ea *HRVDVD1987.part09.rar

Ismael said...

Thank you very much.