Friday, February 24, 2012


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Dr. Forrester said...

Here are the .md5 checksums if you desire them -

1158f28d29c32855b39f1612b95b4f49 *BrDVD016.part01.rar
92645641fd520ec58a466d1b31c009c1 *BrDVD016.part02.rar
838472c6b0f157682728046d17ac2f54 *BrDVD016.part03.rar
d1921ce8191fdfd92b85ca66b08b0a0d *BrDVD016.part04.rar
3a743b7e60419412814b2dec94b6ae63 *BrDVD016.part05.rar
54459933cab8baf247bc12ebdd33d0d0 *BrDVD016.part06.rar
313e5f9000ed6b6c1c511bf43bce63ef *BrDVD016.part07.rar
1371351c0f0419621e4d794f42b848c3 *BrDVD016.part08.rar
a0cd796541a36fe4aa5fd2fa0f1b83d8 *BrDVD016.part09.rar

Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd
Stadion Feyenoord "De Kuip", Rotterdam, Netherlands



PAL - 4/3

DVD 1 (timing : 68 min 15 sec)
01. Intro
02. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
03. Learning To Fly
04. Take It Back
05. Sorrow
06. High Hopes
07. Keep Talking
08. Another Brick In The Wall - Part 2
09. One Of These Days

DVD 2 (timing : 79 min 09 sec)
01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. Breathe (Reprise)
06. The Great Gig In The Sky
07. Money
08. Us And Them
09. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse
12. Comfortably Numb
13. Wish You Were Here
14. Run Like Hell

The original DVD was seeded by "fharway" on

I only apply a little bit VNR, modify the luminance and build the menu


Anonymous said...

The guitar solo on comfortably numb makes this worth haveing alone.Great show,I was at the night before,The mirrored ball effect on the stadium crowd looked fantastic.And this dvd captures that moment pretty well.Thanks.