Sunday, February 12, 2012

HHODVD003 - Would You Buy A Ticket To This Show

This 2 DVD set is probably the "ultimate" version of the '87 Atlanta Omni show. For everyone who hates Delicate Sound Of Thunder, please consider this alternative. Please see the comments section for the links.


Dr. Forrester said...

Here are the .md5 checksums if you should desire them -

d4e11ff9743101ddec2dec5a6613c9ef *HHODVD003.part01.rar
8191f5def382fc08211bfa90e4d23c68 *HHODVD003.part02.rar
67f8c36fb829b8612e0a392e27ae75d7 *HHODVD003.part03.rar
b5e79e8410cdd8bcff79ba13e1d4aa8a *HHODVD003.part04.rar
468ba09e2ebe93c166a65cc2808c0c8f *HHODVD003.part05.rar
94026bd131b14cdd99c6faf09ee1302f *HHODVD003.part06.rar
0bb95ee0d1b3ac7ff9ed667a53bc1f6b *HHODVD003.part07.rar
1d5204401601dc26acc8e86b6f2e7591 *HHODVD003.part08.rar

Kwai Chang said...

Well, I son't care for 'delicate' too much. Turning Away is a great tune. This video is better than all of that. I cone-tinue to be Impressed!!! Thanks!