Thursday, February 2, 2012

HRVDVD017 - David Gilmour - 1984-06-27 - Live at the Kabuki

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Dr. Forrester said...

These are the .md5 checksums if you should desire them-

0e2def9b4452523f0138c3d7cd228bfe *HRVDVD017.part01.rar
8a4d1b2f43db21143b4366508b42abe0 *HRVDVD017.part02.rar
9bfa6665841ada02d52386c753d8139a *HRVDVD017.part03.rar
fc07738932eed751536ef2e8bcbfb7f2 *HRVDVD017.part04.rar
d744202b137f8a3eb78d4eb6f5682ead *HRVDVD017.part05.rar
3bb40ed7fe0d28ad4acba9efbf420aad *HRVDVD017.part06.rar
a603ac2214afbf558bfe44d7d897b4aa *HRVDVD017.part07.rar
0cf64dff2bd193def2af656a23f1d65a *HRVDVD017.part08.rar
abf2f4b1b0e492b6eae04d0a8750e80e *HRVDVD017.part09.rar

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great posts! Just one question please. Ima newbie and I'd like to know what checksum files are and how to use them? Thanks again,

Dr. Forrester said...

It's essentially a unique fingerprint. If you use a program - such as this excellent free one -

to verify your files, you can easily determine that they are correct or if you have some type of corruption.

If you try to unpack the .rar files & you get an error, the .md5 would be a tool that you might use to help to determine which of the .rar files is problematic.

But, if everything unpacks perfectly, there is no need to use the .md5 checksums at all.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the checksum information. I also did not know