Friday, February 3, 2012

David Gilmour - In Concert (Rev A)

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Taken from a 1 inch master tape, it's the best quality copy that you're likely to ever stumble across.

There are several unofficial Harvested DVDs. That is, they were created by the same nice folks, but were never entered into the official catalog. This is one of those. I posted another one earlier here. The project that I will post tomorrow is a third example.


Kwai Chang said...

Very awesome work. Dave looks great. The quality is great. I might even check out the 'waters' on the other posts. Thank you, very much! Cone hither!

Anonymous said...

I have this VHS on a 2008 VHS To DVD TransferRip, but in comparison what I can see here my old version is only crap.

This Version is really great (Sound + Vision).

Thank you so much !!!