Monday, January 23, 2012

Television Personalities - 1996-05-14 - Cologne

These guys opened for DG during his 1984 tour. I have always really enjoyed their studio albums. This is the first live recording that I have ever heard. Thanks, John, for sending it along!


Anonymous said...

i remember wanting to go to one of the shows.. could'nt afford tickets but won two from a radio call in contest two days before..... by then , the TVP were kicked off of the tour for the act of broadcasting syd barratt's actual at the time phone number across the p.a. and encouraging fans to call... really ticked gilmour off and the opener for the show i went to turned out to be an accapella group who got no audience sympathy .
Mick Ralphs of bad Company accompanied on guitar and of course did a couple floyd tunes.. money , run like hell , and comfortably numb .

i dont know if syd was inundated with phone calls after the number was given out or not , just that the incident immediately ended their part in the tour .

christian said...

I saw DG in DC back in '84, after TVP was kicked off. I don't remember that there was an opening act. However, it was one of the top 10 concerts that I've attended.