Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pink Floyd - V - Total Eclipse Revisited

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I looked & looked for some decent cover art for this compilation. Eventually, I just gave up and stole Dave's from his post here. Hope he doesn't mind too much. (He knows that I love him.) I would welcome any other art files or information.


Dr. Forrester said...

CD 1 - Dawn and Dusk of the Piper (Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett from 1965 to 1967)
CD 2 - A Collection of Great Soundboards (soundboard recordings from 1968 to 1978)
CD 3 - Ummagumma Revisited (an alternate set of soundboard recordings from 1968 to 1971)
CD 4 - Something To Do With A Dream (audience recordings from 1970 to 1971)
CD 5 - Childhood's End (audience recordings from 1971 to 1972)
CD 6 - I Fell On His Neck With A Scream (audience recordings from 1973 to 1977)

movement said...

Dr. Forrester,
What do you want to know? Hopefully the original info files remain. I was unable to develop any artwork and later ran out of time to bring the project to a full conclusion. Still, as someone who has made good use of your blog, I'm proud to have made my own contribution.

Dr. Forrester said...

I just have the usual questions, you know. For example, I have this listed as "Beta", because (according to the notes) it hasn't been polished up with cover art and fine editing details. I do not know if a "final" version has ever been created.

I do (very sincerely) appreciate the effort that you put into assembling this baby. It's a lot harder than it might appear to make a high-quality, well thought-out compilation.

movement said...

Yep, that is all correct. I have not produced a subsequent version. I do have some thoughts on what a next version would look like, but at a minimum I would need to review some sources that have emerged just recently. Do not hold your breath.

Jimmy said...

Thanks very much for all these great PF recordings!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been looking for this "revisited" version forever, is there any chance you'll re-upload it soon? Thanx in advance from a PF addict.

Dr. Forrester said...

As you may have noticed, the links here are pretty much dead & probably are not coming back any time soon. However, the new Floyd blog is coming along fairly well. For me to let you in there, you'll need to email me or leave your email address in a comment here.