Monday, January 2, 2012

Pink Floyd - 1981-02-19 - Dortmund


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Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd
Dortmund Germany
February 19, 1981

Master > Cassette > Marantz PMD430 > WAV > FLAC > YOU

NOTE: My original torrent had two tracks (19 - Comfortably Numb, 20 - The Show Must Go on) that had some silence included within the tracks. The silence was either at the beginning of the song - #20, or at the end - #19. The silence did not interfere with the complete song - just a big distraction.

Also, Due to a tape filp, there are 5 sec missing before "Hey You" and 14 sec before "Show must go on. Nothing I can due about it. What you get is what's on the tape.

There was also some indexing in question. This is just semantics and nothing is taken away from the recording.

SO, The following is the text from the original torrent:

I received this tape from the taper back in 1981 who traveled from the states to Dortmund with a few friends specifically to see The Wall Live.

I know there are other sources from this date that exist, but I have never listened to them, so I have nothing to go by as far as how this recording stacks up to the other ones. BUT, I must say that it is very nice for an audience recording. I have listened the 1980 LA shows, and to my ears this recording is far superior with a fuller sound. The tapers location must have been in the sweet spot. HOWEVER, the guys who recorded this show, were on a roll, and after you hear a few of their comments, you can be certain they were enjoying themselves. Nothing drastic that takes away from the recording, but some humorous stuff that pops up from time to time. Like at the beginning of Hey You, a guy is talking about how fantastic the ice cream is and how it blows away anything from 31 flavors.

I do not have the specifics as far as what recording rig or mics they used, but suffice it to say, that they did a really good job and this tape is direct from the master source.

Hope you enjoy it.